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The world’s largest kosher resort! ‬

‪The Blue Lagoon Spa Hotel is ‬located in a stunning location in the center of Paphos tourist city, right on the beach in the Capital Complex.

Imagine ‪this family vacation: Waking up to the azure waters of the sea, eating a kosher luxurious breakfast, putting on your bathing suit, and going swimming at the hotel’s beach and giant‬ pool

It’s 12:00 noon. Time to go for a tractor outing in the Acamas Mountains and sail on a ship to the Blue Lagoon. On the way back to the hotel, stop to shop at the Paphos brand name mall. ‬

‪At 18:00, have a pampering treatment at the spectacular spa or relax in a jacuzzi. ‬

‪Exhausted but happy, it’s time for dinner at the hotel’s tavern. ‬

‪The Israeli chef will surprise you with a variety of Mediterranean dishes and an authentic local — and kosher — experience. Meats, poultry, fish in plenty accompanied by music and free ouzo. ‬

‪Don’t go to sleep so fast! Satiated from the meal and content from the day’s activities, you can now set out on a family trip to Paphos’s largest bowling club and if you still have strength, take a fun walk at the waterfront at Paphos’s Promenade and Marina

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