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Imagine a real vacation:

Waking up to the azure waters of the sea, going for a walk on the boardwalk, greeting the Europeans with a good morning, relaxing at the beach, indulging in a deluxe kosher breakfast and then unwinding by the pool with a good book or a fun song.

Then it’s time to sip a summer fruit smoothie or local cocktail …

Enjoy a noon nap in a luxurious suite followed by one of the most beautiful sunsets you ever saw while tasting appetizers and sipping a glass of ouzo in the Lagoon Bar. Yasou!

Now that you are feeling mellowed and relaxed, go for a pleasant walk to the Paphos Harbor and Marina.

Stroll through the colorful booths and shops, make a short stop at the ancient fortress and finish off with a romantic cruise on a pirate boat into the sunset.

While you were enjoying yourself, our Israeli chef concocted delectable cuisine for dinner – a fresh and delicious Mediterranean menu that will surprise you every day anew. A kosher culinary experience that combines flavors from Greece, Cyprus, Italy and the Mediterranean.

Such a perfect day must end in one of the Greek tavernas scattered around the resort.

Authentic Greek music, traditional dances, ouzo and lots of cheer …

By midnight, you are sitting on the balcony of your suite, gazing at the reflection of the moon on the Mediterranean, and closing your eyes with a smile on your lips.

This is how your vacation will be in our place

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